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The Big Knit Story

A message from Jenny MacLean about this year’s Big Knit!


“The Shades of Amber Big Knit is a hand's on way of raising funds for our Favourite charity The Cyrenians. Festival-goers and knitters from afar contribute their time and energy to knit items that are auctioned, raffled or sold to help show our support in a creative and involving way. 


We have raised thousands of pounds for various charities (Shelter, Guide Dogs and Cyrenians) since our first Big Knit auction. Dougie MacLean's mother Dolly was the Big Knit's first co-ordinator during our Perthshire Amber Festival in 2007 and continues to help with the knitting and overseeing of the Big Knit Team that has gradually evolved. Several of Dolly's special hand knit items will once again be included in this year's offerings.

As our world continues to be plagued by climate crises, wars and all kinds of homelessness and poverty,  we are wanting to again raise funds for Cyrenians  … this year this will happen simultaneously at our weekend event "Shades of Amber" at Cardney Steading and by appealing to members of our growing global audience who have enjoyed our Perthshire Amber Festival in the past or our streamed Live Concerts during 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023!  We are asking for a donation (with or without one of the special knitted items) from everyone.  


We’re so pleased to be helping The Cyrenians again in 2023. (read all about the charity here). Thank you to everyone who knits and buys toys, hats, wooly jumpers and all those other things. We couldn’t do it without you!


If you don't fancy or need a knitted can still make a donation! Enjoy looking at our 2023 Big Knits!!

The Big Knit 2023 list of what's available is HERE where you can find instructions on how to donate to Cyrenians and a link to our Just Giving page.


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Selection of hand knitted goodies from Big Knit 2022

Selection of hand knitted goodies from Big Knit 2023

Selection of hand knitted goodies from Big Knit 2021.

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