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Big Knit 2023 ... here's what's available!!

- All the items available (with suggested minimum donation) are numbered and listed below ... click on any item you’re interested in and it opens to reveal full details). 

- If there is an item you would like, you need to send an email to Jenny at clearly stating the number of the item and the amount you would like to donate for it. You will receive a response from Jenny or one of our team confirming that the item you want is still available. (Please remember to add something towards if in the UK and for shipping if overseas).

- Then go as quickly as possible to the Big Knit 2023 Just Giving site and make your donation. Once your agreed donation appears on the Just Giving website the item is yours! Remember we will need your full postal address to send your package to (and a phone number if possible) if you are not collecting it on the day.  


Happy browsing!…and hopefully happy donating to a very worthy cause! 

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