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Friday 3rd November

6.00 - 7.00pm : Come and view the Jennifer MacLean Exhibition 2023 for the first time! Free of Charge


8.00 - 10.30pm : Opening Concert - Dougie MacLean and Special Musical Friends - £30 per ticket ... no discounts. SOLD OUT

Saturday 4th November

12.00 midday - 2.30pm : Lunchtime Concert - Dougie MacLean and Special Musical Friends -  £30 per ticket ... no discount​s. SOLD OUT

3.00pm - 6.00pm : Open Mic in the Rustic Cattle Shed. Free of Charge ... all welcome.

8.00pm - 10.30pm : Evening Concert - Dougie MacLean and Special Musical Friends -£30 per ticket ... no discounts.

Sunday 5th November

2.00pm - 4.30pm : Farewell Concert - Dougie MacLean and Special Musical Friends - £30 per ticket ... no discounts. SOLD OUT

There's no point giving times for spontaneous music sessions! ... sessions can erupt at any time in various places throughout the steading (inside and outside) from 6pm on Friday 3rd November until 6.00pm on the Sunday evening! Bring your singing voice and/or an instrument and join in! 

Concert and Shuttle Bus Tickets on sale now ... online only CLICK HERE for tickets. More Info. available below - Shuttle Bus, Parking and Directions.


Shuttle Bus Schedule

Shuttle Buses are running  from Dunkeld to Cardney Estate for each concert.

- All shuttle tickets are return tickets, are linked to a particular concert and cost £15.00 for a return ticket. 

- The shuttle leaves from Cardney 30 minutes after the scheduled end of the concert. This should give everyone time for goodbyes or a wee drink.

- You can't 'mix and match' concerts with shuttle tickets unless there are available spaces on departure from the venue. (eg... If you want to stay all day at Cardney on Saturday and ensure a seat on the late bus you would need to buy 2 x return shuttle tickets ...).

- There can be no refunds on unused shuttle bus tickets. The price of the tickets barely covers the cost of the minibus hire... but we want to keep the price as low as we can ... it's a service we like to be able to provide.

- DUNKELD PICK-UP POINT - North Carpark (there may be a BIRNAM PICK-UP POINT added if there is demand...or if there is a point on the A923 between Dunkeld and Cardney where you are staying let us know (email ) and perhaps we can request the bus to add add a stop)

Friday 3rd - concert starts at 8pm (doors open at 7.30) for Opening Concert

Bus leaves Dunkeld 7.10pm (1910 hrs) SELLING FAST - only 4 tickets left!

Concert finishes 10.30pm (2230 hrs )

Saturday 4th  - there will be 2 concerts and 2 return buses.

12midday (doors open 11.30am) for Lunchtime Concert

Bus leaves Dunkeld 11.10am (1110 hrs) ON SALE NOW - 8 tickets left...

Concert finishes at 2.30pm (30 minute interval)

8pm (doors open 7.30pm) for Evening Concert

Bus leaves Dunkeld 7.10pm (1910 hrs) SELLING FAST - only 1 ticket left!

Concert finishes at 10.30pm (30 minute interval) 

Sunday 5th - concert starts at 2pm (doors open 1.30pm) for Farewell Concert

Bus leaves Dunkeld 1.10pm (1310 hrs) ON SALE NOW - 9 tickets left...

Concert finishes at 4.30pm (30 minute interval)

Campervan Parking

A limited number of campervans (5 max) are available for ticket holders only for the nights of the 3rd November and 4th November…however there are no hook-ups or toilet facilities for campervans so the campervan would need to be completely self sufficient…with its own toilet, wash up and cooking facilities. Do please note also that the designated site is about a 5 -10 minute walk from the venue.
Also, we would need confirmation emailed to well in advance of the weekend from any ticket holder wishing to stay overnight in a campervan … with the following information:
- name of ticket holder with confirmation number that is on your order.
- make/model of campervan and registration number
- mobile number where we can reach you.

Directions and Car Parking

Cardney Estate,
Butterstone, Dunkeld,
Perth, PH8 0EY
Coming from Dunkeld take the A923 for 3.5 miles. You will see Cardney Estate entrance on left.
Ample on-site car parking is provided. With hard packing, beautiful paving and contoured landscaping the entire site  is wheelchair and mobility friendly.
Overnight parking available on request.
Should you wish to leave the car at home please remember to pre-book your taxi as the local companies can be in high demand. For more information on accommodation in the area and Taxi companies visit the Cardney website

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