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at Cardney Steading, Perthshire. Scotland.
Friday 4th - Sunday 6th November

... Shades of Amber 2022

"We have thought long and hard and it it just didn't seem right to go forward  with a traditional style of festival with headline acts and tightly programmed concerts. We had hoped to release the programme of concerts and artists at the beginning of September but it just didn't feel right under the current circumstances. With many concerts and events of late being cancelled due to so many of the performers getting covid (and the other illnesses going around),  we decided that an event that can ebb and flow with these turbulent times would be wiser.

One of the things we personally missed most about Perthshire Amber (and one of the most liked elements of past festivals!) was the Farewell Bash .... along with the Dougie MacLean with Friends Concerts. We have decided to make the whole weekend like one long Dougie with Friends Concert!

There will be a series of concerts over the weekend  in the Old Mill where Dougie will be joined by musical friends from over the years,  as well as informal music sessions in the Rustic Cattle Shed and around the Firepit!... there's no script or tight schedule and we want to keep this as informal and spontaneous as possible ... and see where the music takes us!  

Combining this with an exhibition of Jenny's watercolours and weavings throughout the wonderful spaces that make up the Cardney Steading venue,  along with a cosy corner for The Big Knit (our fundraising initiative for the Cyrenians charity) should make for a great weekend!

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The Venue - Cardney Steading, Perthshire 

A move to the stunning Cardney Steading for our concerts and festival was planned after our last Perthshire Amber Festival in 2019. Little could we imagine the two year's that would follow with the uncertainties of the covid pandemic, lockdown, flight cancellations and cancelled concerts and festivals. 

During 2022 we have had three concert events at Cardney Steading in March, June and September and each has been special and memorable. 

The attention to detail in the loving restoration of their buildings and the concern of the Cardney team (Lewis, Katriona and Beth) with the comfort and enjoyment of their visitors make this the perfect place for the next incarnation of our Amber Autumn Experience!

Concerts & Music Sessions

Shades of Amber 2022 will be in part a series of concerts and in part a get together and chat with friends and food and some great music sessions! We have always felt spontaneous music sessions to be the lifeblood of any musical event and Dougie is very much looking forward to a weekend with less travel to and from venues and the necessary sound and lighting checks involved…and more time for making music with friends! 

We are lucky that so many of the musicians who’ve performed with Dougie in the past are still great friends and will be here for the performances during the weekend including: Ross Ainslie, Tim Edey, Pete Garnett, Sorren Maclean and Hannah Fisher, Mairi Sutherland, Katie Kross & Ross Barron, Gina Macleod & Alan Jordan, Davie Duncan, Gordon Maclean, Alan Sutherland, Ali Fergusson, Chris Agnew to name but a few….with  other 'surprise' guests still to be announced. We are thrilled that these and other great musical friends are joining us!

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Exhibition - Jennifer MacLean's   
55 Years of Watercolours and Weavings

Jenny's artwork has delighted people for many years ... her art cards and prints have been framed and displayed on mantlepieces and walls in many homes and offices throughout the world. This is the first opportunity since 2008 to view a large range of her original watercolours and dramatic weavings ... with a selection available to buy.

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The Big Knit - 2022

Our Shades of Amber Big Knit 2022 will once again be a hands on way of raising funds for our favourite charity Cyrenians. Festival-goers and knitters from afar contribute their time and energy to hand knit special articles that are auctioned, raffled or sold to help show our support in a unique, creative and involving way. 


This is a chance for those enjoying the event at Cardney Steading, as well as those far away, to support a wonderful charity while securing some great winter woolies for yourself or for Christmas gifts!...from hand knits ranging from small rugs and large blankets to special knitted toys, socks and kiddies cardigans, hats, scarves, rugs, teapot cosies and cushion covers! (The photo is of some of our last year’s Big Knit goodies!)

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