Artie's Tartan Tales

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The Singing Kettle’s creator and former star, Artie Trezise, is back with his exciting new production. Traditional stories and songs with a Scottish accent.  Action-packed, enthralling and interactive.  Artie's Tartan Tales show includes classic songs from his Singing Kettle show as well as a whole new repertoire of children's stories ... all with singing and joining-in. “Three Little Pigs” to “The Train to Glasgow”, delivered in a unique, charming, engaging style. The kids are involved throughout and become story tellers themselves by the end of the show. Don't miss it, children and adults love the show!

“Artie has proved he's still got the magic touch. With his Tartan Tales he can keep an audience of children enthralled with stories, songs and lots of laughs.”
Daily Record 

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Discovery: Artie’s Tartan Tales (Session 1) 

Venue: Wee Festival Hall, Amber Central

Time: 11.00am - 11.45am

Discovery:  Artie’s Tartan Tales (Session 2)

Venue: Wee Festival Hall, Amber Central

Time: 4.30pm - 5.15pm

PRICE: £5 (per person)...children under 2 years old free of charge.