The Berry Talk

 with Dougie MacLean and Ewen Sutherland

dougie ewenPerthshire has been the centre of the UK soft fruit industry for around 100 years.  As a result of that a unique culture has grown up around the picking of berries in this area.  There was not a family that wasn’t involved, or a child that didn’t participate, in the berry picking every summer. Ewen Sutherland and Dougie MacLean will share their personal stories of thorns and red stained fingers during their years at the harvest of this most important crop.  From ‘cleeks’ to ‘luggies’ from ‘dreels’ to ‘big pails’ - they will inform and delight you with their perspective on the berry fields of Blair and surrounds. Think there might be a song or two involved as book early!

DATE: Saturday 7th November
TIME: 10.00am-11.00am
COST: £5.00 (Limit 50)
LOCATION: Wee Festival Hall, Amber Central
BOOKING: By phone 01350 724261 (or 724281) or online CLICK HERE