About "Amber Discoveries"

We’d like to welcome visitors to the festival to explore the wonderful history, landscapes, heritage, culture and communities of the our beautiful region.  We’re creating a part of our festival where all this can sit comfortably together called ‘Amber Discoveries’ where the emphasis will be on trying something new … getting together with a small group (and usually an expert) to try something different! The SongBus, walks, talks, workshops and music sessions will all be part of Amber Discoveries plus other surprising adventures and activities for adults and children.

We want you to feel a genuine part of the festival and not just a spectator.  We’ll be releasing the full programme of Amber Discoveries over the next month (maybe the next week!) so please keep coming back to the website to check what's happening. Most importantly please book in, come along (with voice, instrument, walking boots…or whatever), get involved and DISCOVER!

This year's 'Amber Discoveries' include the annual Decorated Wheelbarrow Procession, Tattiefest, Archaeological Excursions, Photographic Walks, Nature and Wildlife Walks, Plant Ideas, Song and Instrumental Workshops, Storytelling, Handbell Ringing Demonstration, Bee-keeping Talk...and lots more!

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