Equalities & Access Policy


As a festival which utilises 18 different venues as well as organising outdoor activities we have developed our own philosophy and statement regarding equality, access and risk.

The festival puts equality at the heart of all our activity:

- our programme is designed to appeal to all ages/ethnicities

- our venues/outdoor activities are almost all fully accessible for the disabled and if there are shortcomings at one or two 'special' venues because of their historic nature our team will do everything to overcome any small challenges that arise. 

- our concert/workshop booking process (online and phone) gives scope for

personal attention to special needs of audience members/participants.

The festival encourages all those attending (young and old, locals and visitors) to

both participate in and enjoy music from both amateurs and professional

musicians from Scotland and abroad. To this end the festival programme includes

welcoming acoustic music 'sessions' and ‘singarounds’ in local pubs, an Open Mic

for amateur involvement, early evening Cabaret Amber for young, aspiring

professionals as well as the concert programme.

The festival will be carried out in conjunction with highly reputable venues, hotels

and outdoor activity providers which all have full risk assessment policies in place.

Further to that:

- We will carry out a general risk assessment in relation to any procession or

display (as is required by local authority licence) and for any filming in association

with the chosen video company.

- We will be vigilant with regard to intellectual property in the use of copyright

material whether printed or online.

- We will procure necessary licences for use of online music or photography.

Jennifer MacLean

Partner - Butterstone Management & Events 

Director- Perthshire Amber Festival

April 2019

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