Cabaret Amber 2018

Cabaret Amber is our early evening festival club! A place to gather and enjoy some fine music, to meet up with other festival goers and compare the days activities or plan the night ahead.

The venue is the Wee Festival Hall at Amber Central...on the Ewen Sutherland Stage upstairs at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel.

The dates will be Friday 2nd November and Saturday 3rd November. The times for 2018 are yet to be confirmed, but whatever the time is you can get great food, drinks and coffee downstairs to take up and enjoy while watching the early evening show!

It is hosted by Perthshire Amber favourites Gina MacLeod and Alan Jordan who will introduce you to some of the great emerging talents on the scene today as well as some of their own musical friends. Their welcoming manner, Gina's beautiful voice and Alan's singer-songwriter talents make them the perfect team.

Over the years we have been astonished by the wealth of talent and wide selection of musical style seen on the Cabaret Amber stage. This can range through gentle Scottish folk to exuberant acoustic pop with a little bit of blues, americana and soul along the way.

Cabaret Amber 2014w Cabaret Amber 2015w
 Cabaret Amber 2014                                       Cabaret Amber 2015


All 3 Cabaret Amber Concerts are hosted by Gina MacLeod and Alan Jordan.

Friday 2nd November - Cabaret Amber 1 
                      Kim Carnie Trio

                Tumbling Souls (with Willie Campbell)


Friday 2nd November - Cabaret Amber 2
                      Lisa Kowalski

                Ryan Young (solo fiddle)

                Coaltown Daisies 

Saturday 3rd November - Cabaret Amber 3
                      Katee Kross & The Amberjacks 

                Salt House

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