Wheelbarrow Parade

Perthshire Amber Decorated Wheelbarrow Parade - Sunday 6th November 2016 at 12.30pm!!

The festival welcomes locals and visitors to line the streets and enjoy this unique procession! We think it's unique in Scotland…and probably the world!! The artistry, imagination and skill displayed by entrants at the inaugural event in 2011 and the follow up in 2012 -2015 are still vivid memories for those who were there! Described as " brilliant fun and an amazing spectacle"! (Perthshire Advertiser) the decorated wheelbarrows, created by local businesses, community groups, families and whacky individuals will this year again process from Tay Terrace right along through the main street of the town through the North End Carpark and into Stanley Hill. Here, with lots more room for their manoeuvres, they are judged for originality, appearance and handling.

In order to encourage more local businesses and community groups (who are often really busy on Saturdays!) to be involved, as well as families who fancy a memorable outing, we’re having the decorated Wheelbarrow Procession (as part of Sunday Amber  Afternoon in Stanley Hill) once again on the Sunday. The fun procession is led by a wonderful Perthshire based Pipe Band and after the procession as the wheelbarrows assemble and wait for the judging, we'll have some real surprises for you! The Wheelbarrow Parade will be followed by a free concert in Stanley Hill featuring songwriter Buddy MacDonald from Cape Breton in Canada, duo The Coaltown Daisies, lovely young singer Kate Kross, stunning and entertaining instrumentalist Tim Edey, fabulously talented musicians from Wales The Goat Roper Rodeo Band and Perthshire's own Dougie MacLean.

Parade Rules

Here are the Simple Rules:
    1. Your wheelbarrow must be a normal one-wheeled garden wheelbarrow.
    2. The wheelbarrow can be decorated with any theme you want. Extensions can be added to enhance your display but they must not touch the ground.
    3. The wheelbarrow must be able to be wheeled by one person. You are allowed a driver and a team of up to 4 attendants (who can cake turns if the 'driver' gets tired).  All can be dressed to enhance your theme!
    4. On arrival at the judging ring in Stanley Hill the driver must take over and perform a figure of 8 in front of the judges.
    5. Judging will be based on the look and originality of the wheelbarrow decoration, the turnout of the wheelbarrow team and the handling of the barrow in front of the judges.

Entry Fee per Wheelbarrow is £5. All proceeds will go to The Cyrenians (one of our festival charities) which supports the homeless.

This could be a great fun way of drawing attention to your local group, charity or business (your wheelbarrow attendants could hand out a few leaflets on the way!). Entrants can be from any group or individual based anywhere in the world!

We would encourage anyone hoping to enter to apply early this year. Don't leave it til the last minute! If you would like to enter a wheelbarrow email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details to request an entry form.

2016 PARADERS...more to be added below. Get your entries in...or let us know you're intersted!

1. Dunkeld Smoked Salmon
2. Rivendell Care Home
3. National Trust for Scotland
4. National Trust for Scotland
5. Birnam Institute
6. Atholl Arms
7. Dunkeld Chippy
8. Corbenic Camphill Community
9. The Scottish Deli
10. The Cave Family

Below are just a few of the hundreds of photos from past years... we can't wait to see this year's entries!

The Pipe Band heads the procession... The parade of wheelbarrows... The Parade continues... The Parade continues ... Crowds for the judging... The Wheelbarrow judging...